Trifecta Vegan Meals Review – Are They Any Good?

Trifecta offers vegan meal delivery with different facilities for those who need to rely on home-cooked meals due to hospitalizations, disability, or other medical conditions.

Trifecta promises to deliver healthy, delectable meals that are appropriate for the vegan lifestyle without sacrificing quality. Even as a committed vegan, you don’t know how to make all the meals in your life for the most part.

You have been a vegetarian for a while, but you worry that your busy schedule is making it hard to get the nutrients necessary to sustain this healthy lifestyle.

It has become increasingly difficult to have a vegan lifestyle because the extra time and care it takes to shop, plan, and prepare is making it hard.

Trifecta Vegan Meals Review

If you’re the only vegan in your household, you’ll need help deciding what foods to eat.

You cannot rely on others to do this work for you; it’s important that you become familiar with ingredients so that you know how to create your own meal plan, without relying on others.

Some people are too busy to keep up with their health by themselves, so they should get a diet plan designed for busy people as soon as possible.

Want to know how your vegan food choices could help you feel more energized, with minimal effort? Here’s a review of Trifecta, a delicious vegan meal on the go.

1. But First, Are Trifecta’s Meals Vegan?

Plenty of vegans have been disappointed when they order a meal that claims to be vegan and quickly find out that it was all based on meat.

The Trifecta service, however, provides plenty of vegan options because it is composed of three meals put together from individually packaged ingredients from different sources.

Trifecta Vegan Meals Review
Source: trifectanutrition

Is Trifecta really the promised land of vegan meal services for people who don’t want their meals plated up in a place that’s serving up mostly meat dishes? Yes, with a fully vegan menu and meal plans, it’s an innovative and ethical food delivery service.

Your non-vegan friends and neighbors can browse without feeling like they’re being treated like an afterthought. With nothing off-limits on the menu, you can feel right at home when ordering from Trifecta!

On their website, you can get a vegan menu for breakfast lunch, and dinner. They’re cutting out the middleman and offering an all-you-can-eat experience with this new website widget.

You may have been looking for clarification about the true “vegan-ness” of Trifecta prepared meal delivery services because Trifecta Nutrition is not a vegan company.

Trifecta has cultivated a vegan program and a vegan meal plan that doesn’t require you to sift through a large menu that encompasses all of the other branches of the company. In other words, this isn’t just a meal delivery service that offers some vegan options.

2. What Is Trifecta Food Delivery

Even though I live in Florida during the summer, this was a prompt delivery.

The food was unaffected by heat and stayed cool. I’ve usually had deliveries that are soggy or don’t make it to me at all with other services.

Trifecta Vegan Meals Review
Trifecta Vegan Meals Review

Let’s go back a little bit now that we know that Trifecta is a vegan delivery service. You’re still wondering what there is to know about Trifecta other than that it’s the plant-based delivery option.

While it’s easy to just lump Trifecta into the generic food category when comparing it to other businesses, the truth is that Trifecta offers many unique benefits.

The company doesn’t just care about catering to its vegan customers; it also crafts meals with nutritional balance and healthy living in mind.

Trifecta Vegan Meals Review

3. Here’s a look at the five tenets of the menu:

  • No other food delivery service compares to Trifecta
  • High protein vegan food: Each prepared meal packs plant-based protein. With Trifecta, the company promises that each meal has around 15 grams of protein.
  • Nutrient-Dense Vegan Food: Again, Trifecta is not just stocking your plate with vegetables. They plan meals for vitamin-rich, high-protein nutrition. Their dishes contain advanced nutrients like fruits, nuts and seeds, grains, and legumes for optimal well-being.
  • Well-balanced meals: Balanced with health and fitness in mind, Trifecta meal plans are designed to fuel while not leaking calories that are known to cause weight gain.
  • While you venture into veganism to more sustainable and environmentally-friendly food choices, Trifecta will make you feel good about your decisions. In fact, switching to Trifecta’s vegan meals can help you reduce your carbon emissions by 40 percent when compared to the average non-vegan American.

Trifecta makes all of its meals with organic ingredients and the chefs who prepare them are nutrition-trained.

For vegans, food is an important source of nutrients that can be hard to get in a plant-based diet.

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4. Trifecta vs Other Healthy Meal Delivery Brands

We looked at this a lot here at Vegan Tail (see Trifecta vs Freshly vs Factor) and rated Trifecta for the best vegan meal delivery services.

Splendid Spoon is ahead of them, but I’m considering moving those two around after experimenting with meals from each brand. Here’s a table to compare them and then we’ll “dig in” to their menu.

Key NotesTrifectaFreshlyGreen ChefPurple CarrotDaily HarvestSun Basket
Organic Ingredients✅❌✅❌✅✅
Grass Fed
Great for Athletes
Free Shipping to All 50 States
Fresh Prepared Meals
Community App + Support
Trifecta vs Other Healthy Meal Delivery Brands Comparison Table
Vegan Meals Review

5. Overview of Trifecta’s Vegan Meals:

The one problem with online food delivery is that most of them don’t offer anything worth ordering in the first place.

But according to Trifecta, they’ve got it covered with a diverse range of vegan options including mouthwatering meals.

“Look at the meal inspiration, right out of the box!” People can now benefit from a made-to-order dinner.

Such as the vegan salad bagel and tortilla soup. Not only do they keep the options updated though, but these are also nutritional breakdowns of some of their dishes.

Total Fat14g
Trans Fat0g
Total Carbohydrate34g
Trifecta meal nutritional breakdown table

To give you an idea of what a day of eating with Trifecta might look like.

That company uses breakfast such as its Oatmeal Walnut Bake made with oats, mixed berries, and walnuts as an example. Lunchtime could be a garlic pasta dish with cherry tomato that’s constructed using rice noodles.

For dinner, fill up on roasted quinoa served with Brussels sprouts and tart sauce.


  • It takes just a few short questions to determine what you don’t want on your menu. Trifecta cuts the rest out for you.
  • Balanced meals that help you stay full
  • Ready to eat. Zero prep, everything arrives ready to prepare. This is like HelloFresh, where all the ingredients are already prepared so you can get cooking right away!
  • The menu changes every week to provide variety!
  • The meals are generally very flavorful.


  • Customers can’t choose their own options at Trifecta. While you can specify preferences, they automatically design their own menus. They don’t let you pick your specific meals.
  • Overall, there’s a decent amount of food to fill you up.
  • If you plan to cancel your subscription, the only place to do is online. Regardless of whether you prefer to speak with someone or not.

6. How Does Trifecta Vegan Meal Delivery Service Work?

A look at how a vegan meal service ‘Trifecta’ works: Trifecta allows customers to organize their own weekly food order by eliminating foods they can’t have and asking them questions such as what kinds of food they like each day.

The company then sends the specific food items selected to a doorstep. Customers have options for how many meals a week they would like delivered or skip days, or change the frequency at any time up or down.

7. Where Does Trifecta Deliver?

Trifecta really does offer free delivery to all 50 states.” Trifecta offers customers requiring shipping services in 50 states with a variety of shipment options.

Trifecta Vegan Meals Review

To provide the most flexible and timely deliveries, Trifecta promptly postpones orders while customers are absent or outside of their region. My box came quickly and was delivered for free, which is rarely the case with brands like Trifecta.

In addition, the box is recyclable, gives back to a good cause, and has efficient packaging: +1 for the environment!

8. How Much Does Trifecta Vegan Meals Cost?

Where Trifecta’s pricing is concerned, it really comes down to how often you order meals.

As a low-cost meal service, their costs only amount to about $15 per serving. For weekends or seven days in a row, Trifecta is only around $100 per box.

Keep in mind that there is no additional shipping cost associated with this meal delivery service. You can make it great on a tight budget.

For $15, I paid each of my meals and didn’t have to do anything other than drag it straight from their machine. I think they had dinner ready in less than five minutes.

9. Is Trifecta Vegan Meals Worth the Money?

If you’re struggling to keep on track with the vegan diet and feel like you might be overpaying for meals, Trifecta might be worth it.

You’re paying a bit more to save time, but in return, you get quality, quick meals that are fairly versatile so as not to derail your vegan lifestyle.

Even if someone is cooking most of their own vegan food regularly, they may find that getting replaceable lunches fills in the gaps for when they are busy at work during the day.

10. Are Trifecta Vegan Meals Good for Weight Loss?

Generally, a meal plan with Trifecta is designed to give people a set amount of calories for weight loss.

Trifecta can’t control what you eat “outside” your subscription so eating with Trifecta isn’t a substitute for working with a dietician. What’s more, using Trifecta could potentially be an effective tool for weight loss if you stick to the three meals per day included in the service.

Trifecta Vegan Meals Review
Source: AppMyHome

I notice that Trifecta offers nutritional food plans in order to offer the most nutrition for the number of calories. It is designed with veganism in mind, giving you appeasement from “eating junk” or “empty calories” to fill up.

Trifecta can give you a plan for healthy eating, tailored for vegans who are avoiding lower-quality foods.

11. Real Trifecta Vegan Meals Customer Reviews

Trifecta can only get three stars on Yelp but they are often more likely to receive a five-star review from independent reviewers.

Most Yelp users who feel dissatisfied repeat the same two complaints.

  1. First, they want a little more variety on the menu.
  2. Second, trying to cancel a subscription can be difficult.

We have already covered that Trifecta is really good about letting you alter your subscription online. However, they will put you through to speak with a representative to cancel your subscription.

According to my experience, Customers praise the reviews given by Trifecta and appreciate that the company was able to help customers set up new deliveries.

It ensures proper food is getting to the right place. The reviewers also praise the quick and efficient customer service they received. “I loved the Herb Roasted Potatoes With Green Beans. It tasted absolutely amazing”.

12. Let’s take a look at what a few real customers are saying:

Michael N. Raves about the food quality at Trifecta because they are able to provide vegan options and save time with pre-cooked meals.

Plus, he says that their meals are better than his own. He enjoys his diet of healthy food after eating a meal at a restaurant for years and trying many different services.

“I was unable to find healthy prepared food that tasted good anywhere else. I ordered from a different organic meal delivery service, and most Trifecta meals are much better.”

Rachel W. suggested the Trifecta meals delivered by her other meal service were not of high quality.

Alexa D. tried the vegan meal plan from Trifecta Nutrition and found it to be comparable to other plant-based + organic food delivery services. Alexa loves sweet potatoes and brown rice and likes a little spice in her meals.

The Chipotle Veggie With Black Beans was her favorite meal, with 15g of lean proteins, 40g of carbs, and only 15g of fat, and gluten-free too overall great experience.

13. FAQs

Is Trifecta Really Organic?

Is Trifecta Really Organic? Their meals are all made with 100% organic ingredients and none of the preservatives or artificial stuff. Trifecta also avoids GMOs in their meals.

Are Trifecta Vegan Meals Expensive?

Are Trifecta Vegan Meals Expensive? Trifecta is not a budget delivery service, but it is a cost-effective option for someone who struggles to make vegan meals at home. The average meal costs $15 with Trifecta requiring you to commit to seven weekly meals.

Can You Freeze Trifecta Meals?

Can You Freeze Trifecta Meals? It is true! These vegan meal kits can stay in the freezer for up to three months and they’re meant to last in the fridge for an average of ten days. To reheat Trifecta meals, use a stove burner, oven, or microwave after you remove them from the packaging.

Is It Easy to Cancel Trifecta?

Is It Easy to Cancel Trifecta? Unfortunately, canceling your Trifecta subscription is a more difficult process than it should be, with many customers complaining about poor customer service. You can access your subscription settings and cancel subscriptions through their website as well as call their customer service line to cancel your subscription.

Where is trifecta based?

Where is trifecta based? Trifecta is a California-based startup. It was founded by siblings Greg and Elizabeth Connoll from Sacramento, California. Trifecta ships to all 50 states in America.

14. Final Verdict | Trifecta Vegan Meals Review

After Personal and some real customers of Trifecta, I found that The Trifecta meals were delicious.

I’m confident that Trifecta will always have vegans in mind, as their ingredients remain top-notch and they continuously strive to improve their service.

Vegans anticipate the struggle in finding meal options that satisfy all of their nutritional needs, so they are keen to hear about Trifecta vegan meals.

Trifecta meals have set itself up with a smart algorithm and artificial intelligence that allows it to monitor what nutrients your body needs without having to rely on those “filler” food items that happen to be on the vegan list.

With more options, trifecta would be able to improve its selection. Also, having the option to choose items from their menu rather than a fixed stock would make the experience better.

Without question, they do provide crowd-pleasing meals that are going to appeal to the consumer. Aside from this being one of the only meal delivery services that have free shipping to all 50 states, trifecta does a good job of creating food you’re going to like.

Trifecta may not be perfect, but it brings you many more bites closer to vegan bliss than other delivery services.

The company often offers coupon codes for new subscribers that will help them save up to 40 percent on their orders.