Purple Carrot Vs Sun Basket Vs Green Chef | Review

I hope you are in search of the best option for Meal delivery and meal kit services for dinner that is incredibly easy and quick ways to outsource meal kit these days.

After deep research, I found the three best options for a meal and meal delivery kits for your that help you in saving time and effort on daily basis. In addition, Purple Carrot Sun Basket, and Green Chef are the most popular and authentic meal delivery services.

In this article, you get a brief comparison of Sunbasket vs Purple Carrot vs Green Chef.

  1. Sun Basket
  2. Purple Carrot
  3. Green Chef

1. Sun Basket

Sun Basket is another popular meal delivery service. It focuses on bringing healthy, organic, and local food to your doorstep. In addition, All of the meals are prepared by a team of chefs who use the latest cooking techniques and ingredients.

Furthermore, They also have a wide variety of dietary options, so you can find something for everyone in your family.

So, Finally, my first choice should be the sun basket.

2. Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot is one of the most popular meal delivery and meal kit services. More likely about it, It offers a variety of healthy and delicious meals that are delivered to your door. In addition, The meals are prepared by a team of chefs who use the latest cooking techniques and ingredients.

Furthermore, They also have a wide variety of dietary options, so you can find something for everyone in your family.

3. Green Chef

Green Chef is a newbie on the scene, but it is definitely worth considering if you are looking for a meal delivery service that focuses on sustainability and environmental consciousness. Furthermore, All of the meals are made with whole, unprocessed foods that are sourced from sustainable farms.

Finally, I can say It’s one of the most dreaded questions we get on a daily basis: “What’s for dinner?”

Whether you are asking for an answer for yourself, your partner is asking for that answer, or your kids are nagging you to give them an answer, it can trigger a sense of indecisiveness and dread. However, With new technologies such as Plated, even busy people can have the luxury of getting better quality meals delivered right to their door.

Furthermore, Plated uses third-party chefs and an app that allows you to choose your own ingredients and any meals you’d like. However, In my previous post, I mentioned that Splendid Spoon is still my favorite Vegan meal delivery service to date.

Sprinly, as well as Vegin’ Out, are also on the same level in terms of quality, but so are the three brands mentioned in this competitive comparison.

Ready! How to choose a suitable meal kit?

4. What Is The Best Plant-Based Meal Delivery Kit? Purple Carrot Vs Sun Basket Vs Green Chef

There’s a difference between prepared meal delivery services, such as Blue Apron and Hello Fresh, and meal kits like Postmates Foods. Furthermore, The meals are ready to eat, eliminating the need for planning, shopping, and prep.

These types of services are perfect for those who love to cook but hate doing the planning and shopping.

Finally, To start this process, please have a look at the list of meal kits below to get your wheels turning about which meal kit is going to be the best option for you.

BrandPurple CarrotSun BasketGreen Chef
Starting Price:$9.99/serving$8.99/serving$11.99/serving
100% Plant Based?:
Sourcing:Non-GMO, organic (when possible)Organic, Fresh, Sustainable, Local FarmersUSDA Certified Organic Ingredients
Are prepared meals available?:
Best PriceWebsiteWebsiteWebsite
Purple Carrot Vs. Sun Basket Vs. Green Chef Price Comparison Table

5. Is Purple Carrot Worth It?

Finally, If you’re vegan and you want to prepare healthy, tasty meals that are designed by professionals while you relax, then Purple Carrot is a great place to start.

sun basket or purple carrot
Source: Purple Carrot

Moreover, It provides all the tools you need to cook vegan dishes in your home kitchen, so all that’s left is following the recipes and infusing them with your love of cooking and dining.

Consequently, Purple’s Carrot offers a simple, straightforward process that makes meal planning anything but tedious.

You can choose which meals you want and their hassle-free meal delivery is ready to be prepared in your own kitchen. Moreover, What’s even better is that the meals are creative and delicious, something that has been severely lacking in the vegan community.

However, Cook meals with a purple carrot meal kit. Fruit and vegetables with the perfect ratio of ingredients.

They have a vast selection of meals, plenty for vegetarians and vegans. Finally, you have so many options, you can easily eat healthy day-by-day with any plan with options, from one meal a day to three.

Moreover, With the meal kits from Purple Carrot, you can preview the recipes, ingredients, and prep time before deciding on what to make in minutes.

This helps save time and provides a more taste-driven decision than just seeing a list of every option.

However, If you’re someone who lives a vegan lifestyle or is trying to incorporate more vegan options into your diet, and you love the idea of helping in the kitchen while saving time and energy, then Purple Carrot is worth it.

Moreover, If convenience is your priority in meal delivery then, you’ll be happy with the option to choose prepared meals from meal kit company Sun Basket. As a company, Purple Carrot encourages its customers to embark on an adventurous journey with their meal kits.

Finally, It makes them a better option for those whose priorities are based on discovering delicious vegan recipes that they make themselves.

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6. How Much Does Purple Carrot Cost?

Let’s take a look at Purple Carrot’s pricing to give you a better idea of what to expect. To make things simple, I have made a table below that details their main pricing and package offerings.

However, It is important to note that they have two plan options: 2 serving plans and 4 serving plans.

Finally, here you’ll get a pricing comparison.

Purple Carrot’s PricingServingsStarting Prices
Dinners2 or 4$9.99/serving
Visit Purple Carrot’s Website Now

Snacks Pricing

However, Good to know that Purple Carrot offers a variety of snacks that not only taste great but are also fairly priced.

Snack offerings range in price starting at $3.99 and going up to $10.99 according to options chosen for each order.

7. Is Sun Basket Worth It?

Sun Basket as a company offers varying meal delivery options. It’s nice to see that a company like Sun Basket is more flexible and does more than one thing well.

Sun Basket as a company offers varying meal delivery options
Source: Sun Basket

However, Sun Basket has a full vision of what eating healthily should be, providing precious and premium ingredients, organic fruits and vegetables, shelf-stable proteins, convenience provisions, and responsibly sourced products.

  • sun basket logo and meal box delivery
  • A cool logo and awesome packaging!
  • A full review of the sun basket meal delivery service

Compared to Sun Basket, which has the most selection, HelloFresh wins out in cooking quality and selection.

However, They offer a meal kit or pre-packaged meals. Also, they offer many more options than just meals.

Finally, here is a list of what to expect from their menu:

  • Dinners (meal kits or Fresh & Ready)
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Pasta & Sauce
  • Proteins
  • Snacks

However, there are plenty of options for which you could choose from “The Menu” on the website.

Vegan, low carb, gluten-free -you name it and there’s a meal kit that caters to it. I really love that many food options are offered as I am the only vegan in my family.

Finally, I find that Sun Basket is a worthy competitor that provides me with the convenience of the menu options and the size, taste, and quality of the food. However, They have also offered values, like giving back to local organizations and those in need, that I can feel good about.

Sun Basket is the better choice if you leave cooking to others and want to spend more time on other aspects of your life.

Considering that Food preparation can be time-consuming and difficult, not to mention the clean-up that comes with cooking. However, Purple Carrot is the best choice if you’re vegan and prefer cooking your own meals. Green Chef also offers delicious vegan meals, which are cooked by you.

8. How Much Does Sun Basket Cost?

Finally, you know the right one here it is. The prices offered at Sun Basket are very competitive, especially when comparing it to Purple Carrot and Green Chef.

For example, a 2-person meal plan would run$11.49 per serving and the larger family plan would cost $9.99 per serving with an additional delivery charge of $5.99 per week.

However, With both a standard menu and a family menu, you can choose the right amount of food without having to worry about ending up with too much waste or the correct amount.

Some key differences to note: Sun Basket has a variety of packages from $10 -$49/week, maximum is four people participating in meals each week.

Classic Menu:

Recipes Per WeekServingsPrice
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9. Family Menu

Recipes Per WeekServingsPrice

10. Is Green Chef Worth It?

Finally, Green Chef claims they are the best meal kit I’ve ever tried and other companies, such as Green Cuisine, offer almost identical products.

Green  chef as a company offers varying meal delivery options
Source: Green Chef

There is no doubt that Green Chef delivers delicious and nutritious meals but it is subjective to decide which company produces the “best”. However, With meal kits like Purple Carrot, Sun Basket, and Green Chef, you’re able to enjoy the simplicity of preparing a home-cooked meal without manual labor.

Finally, by using this you get With pre-measured packages and prep instructions, you can just follow your instructions and enjoy.

However, the Green Chef kits offer premium ingredients that you can feel good about and include a host of customizable options, such as the ability to choose between 2-piece or family size.

Finally, this is someone who meets on simplicity and provides sustainability by optimizing its packaging.

11. How Much Does Green Chef Cost?

Finally, With prices varying depending on how many meals per box you choose and your meal plan, you can expect to be spending anywhere from $10.99-$12.99 for each meal.

However, Here’s a breakdown of what these costs will be:

PlanPrice Per MealPrice Per BoxIncluding Shipping
Plant-Powered Plan$11.99$78.93
Balanced Living Plan$11.99$78.93
Paleo Plan$12.99$84.93
Keto Plan$12.99$84.93
Family Plan$10.99$94.91

12. Which Vegan Meal Kit Service Is Right For You? Purple Carrot Vs. Sun Basket Vs. Green Chef

Finally, It became clear I was spending too much time on meal prep and had limited creativity when I continued to choose the vegan option.

That’s when I decided to use a meal delivery kit, which eased the effort of cooking for me in exchange for my creativity. However, As I created more and more meal plans, I noticed that finding the best plan was much easier than expected.

There are so many meal delivery services to choose from, with each plan being structured in a particular way.

The point of this article is to share a few of them here, in an attempt to help you make the decision that is best for your lifestyle.

12.1 Get the Discount on Purple Carrot

By the way, Purple Carrot is the best choice for those looking to have a truly hands-on cooking experience that still allows for food preparation.

With delicious and easy-to-follow recipes, it’s easier than ever to enjoy a vegan meal kit.

12.2 Get the Discount on Sun Basket

Finally, Sun Basket is the option for those who want to cook their own meals, but don’t have time to do so or would just like better-quality ingredients.

However, They provide all of the same quality recipes and allow you to easily supplement your meals with premade ones when it’s too much to tackle in one night.

12.3 Get the Discount on Green Chef

Green Chef offers a wide range of options for those with dietary restrictions.

However, Vegan meals are one of the most popular, as well as more general meals that can suit your tastes and lifestyle, such as certified organic meals.

1. Conclusion | Purple Carrot Vs Sun Basket Vs Green Chef

However, I have personal experience with all three brands (I went on a bit of a meal kit bender), and I hope this article comparison helps you to save time and money.

Finally, Regardless of which option you choose, you can be confident that you get delicious meals suitable for both cooking and eating. Cheers.

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