Imperfect Foods Review – Is It A Great Deal? – 2023

Imperfect Foods Review. The GLAM crew thought that Imperfect Foods was a great deal when they first heard about it. The food is made from perfect ingredients that are organic and vegan, and the company promises to use only the best ingredients.

The food is also eco-friendly, meaning that it isn’t produced using harmful chemicals. The GLAM crew was impressed with how healthy the food tasted, and they believe that it’s a great way to improve their diets without having to sacrifice taste or texture.

By saving money on groceries and helping the environment, vegetarians can enjoy delicious, nutritious, and organic produce with the help of a machine.

We saw that Imperfect Foods is about living a healthy vegan life in a sustainable fashion. We have always been concerned with the environment and fighting for health for all, so we immediately believed that this was something we could get behind.

Since we believe that true GLAM is with imperfect produce, we decided to review Imperfect Foods. Organic and conventional produce is provided through the company, so there must be something for everyone.

Let’s take a closer look at Imperfect Foods, which is a sustainable grocery delivery service, to find out if it is the new food system that you have been waiting for. Our hope is that this Imperfect Foods review helps you decide if it’s a good fit for your household or not.

1. What is Imperfect Foods (Imperfect Produce)

Imperfect Foods is an organic produce delivery service that brings you locally grown and organic products right to your doorstep each week. Because the term “imperfect” refers to the fact that some products may not be visually appealing to grocery stores, they are given a chance even if they are less than visually appealing.

Imperfect Foods may come in a non-traditional shape or size or may have cosmetic blemishes or physical imperfections which means they cannot be sold on store shelves. With these irregularities most likely destined to end up rotting away in a landfill, Imperfect Foods might seem like wasted food especially when you consider that most cities have food banks that need the food.

In order to solve issues with wasted food, Imperfect Foods have stepped in by buying items that grocery stores won’t take and then selling them at unbeatable prices. These items are sold through a direct-to-consumer model, which provides much better prices over the store.

The power of having to pay for groceries on its own is what has made Thrive Market different than any other similar store. This is a company that cares about the environment and asks its customers to do so as well. As a Thrive Market customer, you save up to 30% while doing something amazing for our planet by reducing waste at the same time.

2. How “Imperfect” Is The Food (Compared to the Grocery Store)?

Let’s let the cat out of the bag to reveal the major differences!

My team and I do not want to be a part of a service that will produce less than satisfactory outcomes. We passed on questionable fruits and vegetables.

imperfect vegan food

This is not the case, however. There is nothing wrong with the taste or nutritional value of the foods. It’s perfectly good food! You will get the same fresh, organic or conventional produce items that you would pick up at the grocery store, but they might have a physical imperfection like the few examples listed below.

  • Carrots with varying shapes and sizes.
  • The delicious and aesthetically imperfect oranges.
  • A pantry staple or items that have out-of-date packaging, but are still perfectly good for consumption.

However, more often than not, we’ve had a hard time even figuring out what’s wrong with the items we receive in our produce box. Nine times out of ten, the items we receive look very perfect to us! Our produce box usually looks almost as good as if we could have picked it up at the store.

3. How Imperfect Foods Works

How you can use Imperfect Foods to get the same result…

Before we get started, I want to point out that Imperfect Foods (a delivery service) is not available everywhere yet. If you live in another country and want to use this service, be sure to check your zip code. You can contact their customer service team to find out what the current plans are for expanding the service into that area.

The company delivers food to the West, S. Central, Midwest, Northeast, and the West Coast. Soon, they will expand to the whole country! Keep an eye out for them in the coming months!

vegan imperfect food

We’ve just discussed how you can simplify your grocery shopping experience and one way is with imperfect produce.

Step 1: Sign up and communicate your preferences

If you are tired of organic food companies taking too long to get your order to you, or if you’re dealing with difficult delivery instructions due to your location, Imperfect Foods can help. Full customization is available since the company will ask you a few questions in the form of a questionnaire so they can match your specific needs. Get started here.

Step 2: Handpick the items you want from the comfort of home

Each week, Imperfect Foods will select the items they think you will like based on your preferences. There are everything from groceries to beer to beef jerky. They also have a limited number of grocery essentials that can only be found at this store. To customize your weekly box, make sure you know when the shopping window is!

Step 3: Sit back, relax, and wait for your sustainable groceries to arrive at your home (Imperfect delivers fresh!)

When you subscribe to Imperfect Foods, your boxes will be refrigerated and arrive ready to eat. If you’re not too excited about waiting for the next delivery, don’t worry! They include an ice pack so everything is fresh and ready!

4. Can You Tell Me More About the Delivery?

The first thing you’ll notice with Imperfect Foods is how environmentally conscious they are. They even optimize their shipping and delivery to ensure they’re as sustainable as possible. From the moment you receive your first box, you’ll be impressed with this brand.

Made with 100% recycled materials for a Better Planet.

By assigning a specific customer a delivery window for any given delivery day, the company can avoid excess packaging and use less fossil fuels. Together, these actions reduce overall emissions and waste. The goal is to eliminate food waste, and while we may have a ways to go, this subscription box is making a big difference in our efforts.

5. What’s Imperfect’s Produce Like? Why Can’t it be Sold In Grocery Stores?

Total agreement from the GLAM team in regards to Imperfect Foods: produce delivered is better than what we would be able to purchase at the store. In general, items sent in our boxes have looked similar to the ones we would buy at grocery stores.

In addition, we can think of some frozen fruits and vegetables that have weird shapes but taste great to us. Moreover, when you shop for bulk items at a discount, it’s easy to succeed in the food system.

6. How Much Do Imperfect Foods Cost?

You’ll have some options when it comes to your monthly order from Imperfect Foods. First, you will want to decide if you want organic or conventional produce (still always locally sourced!). Then, you’ll choose which size box best fits your needs. You might even get a discount on your first box by checking their website for any special promotions.

Here is an example of how much Imperfect Foods costs, broken down by average; prices were current as of this writing:

Small — Conventional$12 to $14
Small — Organic$15 to $17
Medium — Conventional$14 to $16
Medium — Organic$22 to $24
Large — Conventional$20 to $22
Large — Organic$33 to $35
Extra-Large — Conventional$39 to $43

If you want to order a customized box that meets your needs, your cost will vary. The good news is they do offer a running total so you can see how much the boxes will cost until you reach the store’s suggested price. The price for designing your own box includes the price of organic fruits and those that are conventionally grown.

7. Is Imperfect Foods a Good Deal?

Yes, Imperfect Foods: Worth it and a great deal!

COVID is a new app for sustainable food production. It reduces the environmental and economic waste that occurs by reducing our reliance on food traveling to us from across the world. To consumers not wanting to spend time grocery shopping, it was love at the first box. GLAM is an app that simplifies the creation of “imperfect” foods, which have a longer shelf life than traditionally processed foods and are designed to be more sustainable.

Fresh produce fits into the category of items that often requires human involvement. Some people might find it difficult to find a grocery store employee at the right time of night or when they need it most. But we’ve realized that groceries can actually be bought online and delivered to our homes without waiting in long lines. It turns out, we can now enjoy fresh vegetables and fruits after all!

Because products that don’t meet store quality standards are brought to Imperfect Foods, you can purchase an item just to use as an example, such as a defective pre-made pizza or a seasonal pie, when stores come out with those items at a fraction of the cost. Now, thanks to all of this and your meal plan, Imperfect Foods is a great deal.

8. What’s Better: Imperfect Foods or Misfits Market?

If you’re researching Imperfect Foods, then you may have come across their competitor, Misfits. Which company is better?

Let’s be realistic, When it comes to grocery stores, you’re going to end up with a selection of pantry staples and grocery items in addition to the products you purchased. Imperfect Foods provides a large selection, but ultimately is more on the expensive side with less customization. Misfits have a smaller selection but get rid of all waste, so it is perfect for those who only want fresh produce and want to keep their costs down, like me!

See our article, Misfits Market vs Imperfect Foods vs Hungry Harvest, to learn more about each.

Another service that offers a similar service is Hungry Harvest, which publishes content with a heavy reliance on family farms. You can read our review of Hungry Harvest at They use family farms as the base for their boxes. We love this because it makes us happy to know that each box contains not only produce but also supports small producers.

9. Do You Save Money With Imperfect Foods? Is It Really Cheaper?

Now, to answer the second big question: how ugly produce is, we did a test comparing the cost of mandarines from a local grocery store to those found at Imperfect foods. And one of our awesome GLAM team members volunteered to be our guinea pig and take part in the experiment!

Imperfect Foods was 32% cheaper than buying the same products at the supermarket after factoring in the service and delivery fees. This makes Imperfect Foods worthwhile, so don’t skimp on fresh produce.

In order to maximize your savings, consider buying the larger size of each item and having it delivered every two weeks instead of every week. This will save you on delivery fees because there is a small fee for each shipment.

Saving money on groceries and helping the environment can seem like a tough task, but with Imperfect Foods, you’ll save money and reduce your time. This one is an easy decision!

10. Imperfect Foods Reviews: What are customers saying?

Imperfect Foods has many customer reviews listed on its website, which give plenty of feedback to help you make an informed decision. Many people subscribe to this subscription because they love the monthly box of imperfect fruits and vegetables, with some saying that it’s like being able to comparison shop at a grocery store while others thank them for the quality organic produce.

11. Final Thoughts: Will the GLAM team continue to use Imperfect Foods to Help Eliminate Food Waste?

Imperfect Foods staff love the flexibility of the platform and feel good knowing they are helping reduce waste by empowering machine learning to replace labor-intensive tasks with automation.

Plus, we calculated how much value you’ll get by trying out a rejected produce delivery service. We can report confidently that it’s worth it to give this a shot.

Imperfect Foods delivers organic and conventional produce right to your doorstep, with a small fee for delivery. There’s no need for imperfect food anymore; the Imperfect Food app is complete so you can order products on the go!

Imperfect Foods Review

Imperfect Foods Review
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